PrincipalAngela Cook

Secretary: Michele Sears

Teacher AssistantPaula Davis
Teacher Assistant: Lesa Deweese

Cafeteria Staff: Gloria CasiasManager
Cafeteria StaffDiana Cain
Cafeteria StaffKaela Taylor

Secretary/Cafeteria ClerkChristine Wilkins

Counselor: Jaclyn Bull 

Custodial Staff: Maria Atchley
Custodial Staff: Rich McAdams

Library: Alison Martinez , Librarian
Library: Julie Kyle, Library Assistant

Music: Kristin Stecklein

Nurse: Lauren Tyson, RN (481-3031)

Physical Education: Jay Benway

Reading Teacher: Elisa Kelley

Special Education: Jennifer Tollison, Teacher
Special Education: Hannah McGuireAssistant
Special Education: Twila Henry, Assistant

Speech Therapy: Megan Davidson

Pre-Kindergarten: Tammy Gilliam, Teacher
Pre-Kindergarten: Laura Gooden, Teacher 
Pre-Kindertarten:  Angela Mckenzie - Virtual Teacher

Pre-Kindergarten: Gretchen Street, Teacher

Pre-Kindergarten: Judy Porter, Assistant
Pre-Kindergarten:  Delane Sampler, Assistant
Pre-Kindergarten: Linda Smith, Assistant

Kindergarten: Marilyn Bearden
Kindergarten: Lisa Byrd
Kindergarten: Holly Graves - Virtual Teacher
Kindergarten: Shelia Miranda

Kindergarten: Anesha Davis, Assistant

First Grade: Brook Byrd - Virtual Teacher
First Grade: Haley Jackson

First Grade: Gay Lynn Shaffer
First Grade: Karen Smaaland

Second Grade: Deleigh Hodge 
Second Grade:  Sheila Huckaby

Second Grade: Sara Keele
Second Grade:  Anduril White - Virtual Teacher

Third Grade: Haley Anderson - Virtual Teacher
Third Grade: Gwen Brakebill

Third Grade:  Julia Buckley
Third Grade: Candy Morgan

Fourth Grade: Megan Holsher
Fourth Grade:  Cassandra Morris
Fourth Grade:  Stephanie Tucker - Virtual Teacher

Rivers Elementary Teacher of the Year!


Congratulations to Mrs. Brakebill for receiving the 2020-2021 Rivers Elementary Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Brakebill currently teaches third grade. We are so proud of her hard work and dedication to the children and Rivers Elementary.